Dear Customer,
Now every movement in the market is an opportunity with Bullet Brokerage Plan where you pay zero brokerage for your trades squared off within 5 minutes. You can enter and exit quickly and benefit in small market movements.
For trades beyond 5 minutes, you will be charged brokerage as per your existing plan.
Benefits of Bullet Brokerage Plan :
Opportunity to benefit from small market movements
Create a disciplined ecosystem where you trade with a stoploss
You can exit loss making trades quickly and capitalize on profits by riding your profitable positions beyond 5 minutes
Bullet brokerage plan is offered for online trades done in FuturePLUS with Stop Loss and OptionPLUS products.
You can activate Bullet Brokerage Plan with :
Life time Prepaid Brokerage - Valid for Life time or till you exhaust your Prepaid Brokerage
15 day free trial.
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