Mutual Funds offers you various options while investing in Mutual Funds:


You may invest/purchase in any of the mutual funds Prudential ICICI MF, Franklin Templeton India MF, Alliance Capital MF, JM MF, Birla Sun Life MF, Sundaram MF, IL&FS MF, Principal MF, HDFC MF, Standard Chartered MF, Reliance Capital MF, Kotak Mahindra MF, TATA MF, Fidelity, Duetsche, Chola Mandalam and DSP Merrill Lynch MF without the hassles of filling application forms.

Just select the Mutual fund.
The type of transaction you wish to do e .g Purchase, Redemption, SIP, SWP, Switch or Transfer-in
A screen appears which provides you with the scheme details like NAV, cut-off time, and minimum amount of investment.
Select the scheme or transaction you would like to do and simply click on 'GO'.
To place the order click on 'proceed for confirmation' on the Purchase screen.
Clicking on 'final confirmation' will confirm your purchase request.


In addition to giving hassle-free paperless redemption, offers faster liquidity. You can redeem the mutual fund units through The money will be credited to your bank account automatically 3 days after the order placement date.


To suit your changing needs you may wish to shift monies between different schemes. You can switch your monies online from one scheme to another in the same fund family without any hassles.

Systematic Investment Plans (SIP)

Buy low sell high, just four words sum up a winning strategy for the stock markets. But timing the market is not everyone’s cup of tea. The inability to time the market on a regular basis can leave an investor high and dry. However, the good news is, that time in the market has historically shown more consistent success than timing the market.

Though great returns from the market may not always be possible, stable and consistent returns are. There are various strategies, which can be followed to achieve this. One of the easiest is to invest in Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) of mutual funds.

Though an SIP does not assure a profit or protect against a loss. Overall, systematic investment programs have been recognized historically as an excellent method for developing what could be a substantial investment, i.e., wealth accumulation.

Systematic withdrawal plan

This allows you to withdraw a certain sum of money over a period of time periodically. 

Allocation for Mutual Funds

Similar to allocation for secondary market dealings, you will need to allocate funds for the purpose of investing in Mutual Funds. These funds, which are earmarked for investments in Mutual Funds, will not be allowed for transactions in secondary market.

Other highlights 

The Order Book would display all the orders placed by you & status in Mutual Funds. The order book would show you the status of the entire request placed by you in Mutual Funds. Using "Mutual Fund Cash Flow" you can find the dates of paying of units or payout of funds from the AMC.


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