Dear [{NAME}],
We understand the need for the right research to make the right investment decisions. To keep you well informed, we bring to you Company Update for the following companies:
Stock Name Stock Code RCP** Target Price Potential Upside Rating
Bharti Airtel BHATE 306 420 37% Strong Buy
* Recommended Price
What do the above ratings imply?
Strong Buy : >15%/20% for large caps / midcaps, respectively Buy : Between 10% and 15%/20% for large caps / midcaps, respectively;
Hold : Up to +/-10%; Sell : -10% or more;
Example: Raj has two stocks A & B. Stock A is recommended as a Strong Buy and stock B as a Sell. In this case, Raj may want to exit B since, he is likely to Sell and invest his money in stock A for better returns.
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