Quick Demo on how to create/block limit:
Step 1: Visit Shares as Margin Page
Login to your ICICIdirect account. Then, Click on Equity - ->Transact Section - ->Shares as Margin
Step 2: Block your shares
After opening the Shares as Margin page, you will see the list of your existing shares. Block shares from your existing portfolio against the quantity available from "Block/Create Limit" section.
Note: The shares that are not eligible for Shares As Margin will have a Haircut of 100% and therefore, cannot be used for this purpose.
Step 3: Proceed with Block confirmation
Once you have submitted the Shares you intend to block, you will see a "Block Confirmation" page. Clicking on "Confirm" button will confirm your blocking of shares for Shares as Margin
Step 4: Allocate Limit
After blocking shares, you will be redirected to “Modify Securities Limit” page where you will see the limit created in Net withdrawal balance. In this section, you need to allocate the limit created against Equity segment for trading in the same
Similar steps can be followed for F&O segment.