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  For high speed trading, right from your desktop
When you trade actively & frequently, it is natural that you would love to have a terminal that can keep pace with your specific trading needs. Now what if you had a terminal that gave streaming quotes in real time. What if at the same time you got technical analysis and charts on the same trading screen. Further, what if you also got intra-day trading calls on the same screen itself, and what else would you need, if you also got an integrated tracking of your order and tradebook through the same screen as well.

So now imagine the red and blue movement live on your screen moving with the pulse of the market. All this without your pressing any refresh button. All this and more is what you would get in our ‘The Power-Packed Trading Platform’ called ‘TradeRacer’.

So brace yourself for a Power-Packed Trading experience.!
Technical Analysis   Live streaming quotes
Intra-day and EOD charts   View limits order and trade details
Customised interface   Research and market updates
Charting tools   Multiple watchlists
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